Why PitchPod Asia?

We believe the podcast landscape is messy. Unlike Youtube or Netflix where discovery is seamless, podcasts are still finding their feet. That’s why we are building a simple podcast platform to help fans discover podcasts based on themes (we call them “Pods“) rather than shows.

About Pitch Media Asia

We turn ideas into podcasts. We are a Podcast Media House that creates podcasts in both audio and video, for startups, corporates and storytellers. We have produced over 500 podcasts including Asia Tech Podcast. See Pitch Media Asia website.

The Pitch Media Asia Team

pitch media asia team
Founded by Graham D Brown, Pitch Media based in Singapore is a team of entrepreneurs passionate about podcasting.

Pitch Media Asia different from most podcasters in that:
1) We are a team with hosts, sound engineers and show producers
2) We are a full time revenue making Podcast business not a hobby
3) We believe podcasting is a format not a medium (see our Pitch Manifesto on podcasting)
4) We built and run our own dedicated professional podcast studio.

The Pitch Media Asia Network

Pitch Media Asia – Asia’s largest podcast media house
Asia Tech Podcast – the original podcast series by Graham D Brown
The Podcast Show – how to podcast
Pitchdeck Asia – helping startups tell their story
Pitch a Podcaster – connecting podcast hosts and guests
PitchPod.Asia – contextualizing podcasts to help listeners find the stories they’ll love
PodcastStudio.Asia – our studio for hire, plus a few we’ll add along the way